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Are you tired of hoping and waiting for things to change?

I was. I spent a lot of time wondering why things weren't going my way and how I could change that. So I made a plan and took action. Now it's your turn!

From my own experience, my work as a narrative psychologist with clients, and my doctoral studies, I have developed the unique and effective Blueprint for Change course and workbook, so you can make positive changes in your own life, whether that’s work, relationships or personal development.

It's the best investment I ever made in myself and now I want to help you, too. You'll learn about my story, how I started out in poverty and motivated myself to bring about positive change - and now you can do it, too.

Design a blueprint for your own personal change on our inspiring six-week course

Text and video

A mixture of video and text modules to help you create your blueprint for change

Full workbook

A full digital workbook for you to save and complete in your own time

Thought experiment

Thought experiments help you dig deep into your own story and get to know yourself better

Week 1

Introducing your course: Understanding YOU-Identity and beginning your change story

Week 3

Understand change: identity construction

unpacked - learn about the YOU-Identity model

Week 5

Be your change: Live Your Best Life - don't just do

the change, be the change - and keep going

Week 2

Prepare for change: understand your identity and who you really are

Week 4

Plan your change: Design your own Blueprint for Change towards success and put it into action

Week 6

Review and focus your change: Know When You

Get There - permanent change

Dr Jacqueline Ward MBE researched and introduced a new model of identity construction.

This course is developed from her extensive work in the field.

She is a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist, and a member of the organisations below:

Dr Jacqueline Ward MBE researched and introduced a new model of identity construction. This course is developed from her extensive work in the field. She is a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist, and a member of the organisations below:

A personal message from Jacqueline...

I'm not a life coach. I won't ask you to sit in webinars for hours or try to upsell to you. I'm a narrative psychologist with a doctorate in psychology and storytelling, and I want to share my legacy of work with you. I’ve personally developed the Blueprint For Change course and workbook, and it's yours to keep – forever.

From starting out as a single parent living on a sink estate, I achieved my goals of becoming a CEO, a best-selling novelist and have been honoured nationally for my work. I was literally thrown onto the scrap heap and told I would never achieve anything in my life.

I just hoped enough and crossed my fingers that things would change and work out. When they didn't, I soon realised that, as well as finding external support and asking for help, I would need to take action to improve my own life. Now I want to help you to do the same.

I'm not going to tell you it's quick or easy - but you are worth it. You are worth taking the time and making a blueprint for change in your life. I didn't believe I was worth it for a long time and my hope is that, like me, you will decide to put time aside to really think about who you are, who you can be, and what you want to achieve.

So how much are you willing to invest in yourself?

I want to make it very clear that this is not just a financial investment.

It's an investment of time and thought and visualisation and looking around to see who and where you really are. This is a deep-dive into YOU. The changes you want to make can be huge life changes or small changes - the kind of things you know you need or want but need a pathway to get there.

This is a legacy course. I've worked face-to-face with hundreds of people with my YOU-Identity model which integrates psychology, identity construction and storytelling. During lockdown I took my work online. I realised that this course was a way to share my work with many more people. Here's what you get:

  • A six-week course with 34 modules you can complete in your own time
  • An online and printable workbook you can complete digitally or by hand
  • Additional high quality and thought-provoking resources, such as visual and text prompts
  • Thought experiments to broaden your world
  • A Facebook group to meet others and discuss your change blueprints
  • An email every day a new module is available direct to your inbox

My Pay it Forward initiative - when I needed change most, I couldn't afford a course or therapy or even the headspace to think about me. I can't give you the headspace, but I can provide this course as a basis for setting some time aside to put YOU first.

If you are in the same financial situation as I was, *I am discounting low/no wage or people on social security/benefits by $49 forever -

You get the whole course for $50

Just enter the code PIF49 at checkout.

*I am doing this on a trust basis and I hope it helps to change your life.

Because this course is new, the first 100 waged/salaried

people to sign up will pay just $99*

*After the first 100 people sign up, the cost will revert to $499

I hope you will choose this course. I am convinced it will help you to know yourself better and to make changes. You can sign up below and get immediate lifetime access. The modules will appear at intervals to give you time to consider and complete your workbook.

This is an opportunity to change your life...

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Uncover the power of storytelling and unlock transformation with your blueprint for change.

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