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Three workshops are available to help you uncover your unique corporate identity and communicate change within your organisation in an effective and relatable way

We've worked with sole traders, charities and Blue Chip Companies to help them understand, bring to life and share their own corporate stories.

Our Writing Room Workshop shows how storytelling can help managers to communicate change within an organisation. Find Your Core Story helps organisations to discover the unique story and identity at the heart of their business, and Telling Stories provides a space to discuss how to use themes, tones and images to talk to colleagues about change and share your message with the world.

Each workshop is a two-day in person round-table with interactive sessions and opportunities for discussion.

We also provide bespoke services to solve specific problems including:

  • Consulting on your presentation to develop emotional storytelling
  • Consulting on your video presentation to include emotional impact
  • Reviewing the emotional and visionary reach of your documents
  • Consulting on strategies that are brimming with passion and vision
  • All aspects of fiction and non-fiction consultancy

Dr Jacqueline Ward MBE has worked in the safety and reliability industry for 25+ years. She is a Chartered Psychologist and proposed a new model of identity construction in 2010.

Jacqueline is also a best-selling fiction author, utilising her PhD in narrative and storytelling.

Jacqueline applied her experience and knowledge to map change management onto the story arc and bring an alternative form of corporate storytelling to industry.

She has worked with individuals, charities and Blue Chips and was honoured with an MBE for her work in 2013.

Used by companies and organisations to build stories around their change...

"This programme helped us through our merger - and told the story of how we managed our change"

Deborah Power

Trustee, Oldham Family Crisis Group

"We worked on our corporate story and it helped us to really understand who we are and where we are going."

Louise White

Director, Piccadilly Secretarial Services

"I never knew storytelling was so powerful. We use these techniques every day in our business."

Sam Parker

Admin Manager, Family History Manchester

We have worked with:

  • systems safety and complex systems bringing stories to engineering
  • domestic violence prevention and with survivors of domestic violence
  • with families of missing people to empower their stories
  • writers and creatives to bring out a corporate storytelling element
  • startups and SME to kick off their branding
  • established Blue Chips to work towards change
  • fiction and non-fiction writers to develop stories and storytelling depth

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